marQ is baby clothes done differently

marQ is baby clothes done differently

After I had my daughter I realized there wasn't a lot of choice when it came to clothes for her to wear. Either it was pink with sequins all over it or it was very poor quality or, even worse, I feared it was made by children and not for children.

I think of myself as a conscious shopper and since having my daughter, even more so. So I began to for clothing and accessories that didn't reinforce the notion that her only option was to be a "princess in training" or for clothes that were made safely. I found some things, but not a lot. Having spent my career as a journalist and host on television, fashion is another passion of mine and I felt with the lack of selection out there, I unfortunately couldn't have it all.

I saw this first as a problem, and then as an opportunity. So...the idea for marQ was born.

Why are we called marQ? And how do you say it? Good questions.

We are called marQ for a few reasons. Its a nod to my daughter's name which is Marquesa.

It is non-gendered on purpose making marQ work in many ways for both boys and girls. It is what we like to call stereotype free. It is pronounced just like you would say it with a K, but our marQ(uesa) is very much...with a Q:)

Since the first conversation with Shayna to talk about this idea and seeing it grow as we collaborated to make marQ what it is today, this has been a true passion of mine and it has become my second baby. I hope you enjoy putting your little ones in marQ as much as we loved making them and we can't wait to see pictures of your little ones in marQ.



Melissa Grelo

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