a look into our world and what inspires us

a look into our world and what inspires us

Part of the process of designing for marQ has been about identifying what moms and dads really want and need in clothing for their kids but its also been about looking to the world around us for inspiration.

Shayna and I both live and work in Toronto so a lot of our inspiration comes from the streets of Toronto.  Whether its a toddler in the park or a baby in a stroller on Queen street, we pay attention to kids of all sizes and what they're wearing - We call it our version of "What are they wearing"

We are both lucky that our lives extend well beyond Toronto and North America.  I'm blessed to be able to travel not only for work but also for pleasure and trust me when I say I'm sometimes paying more attention to what babies and kids are wearing where I'm visiting than the adults!  I'm constantly on the lookout for fun, trendy and comfortable clothes for Marquesa and a lot of my inspiration comes from my travels.

Shayna is a much more adventurous traveller than I am, and believes in giving back while travelling.  She's  spent a lot of time travelling to communities in need with Canadian charity Free the Children.  She's also lived and worked in the middle east - she's an adventurous and brave lady!  Shayna is inspired by is local resources and craftmanship and she gravitates to understanding what the local economies produce and how these materials can be used around the world.  

We love working together to design and create the new pieces for marQ.  We're never satisfied with the status quo and are always looking for a new twist to make our clothes unique while not losing out on the comfort, quality and style that makes marQ unique.  



Shayna Haddon

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