10 survival tips when bringing home baby

10 survival tips when bringing home baby

Finding out you're pregnant is an exciting time and you'll want to learn as much as you can about the impending changes that will dominate your life from this point forward.  We know that for us, as soon as we knew we were pregnant we couldn't stop researching all over the internet and asking our friends for insight.

Being as prepared as you can by taking prenatal classes, keeping all regular doctor appointments, eating nutritiously, familiarizing yourselves with breastfeeding/bottle feeding and outfitting a nursery, all make perfect sense.

To help with the transition to becoming a parent, or in being blessed again, we connected with prenatal and multiple-birth expert, Lynda Haddon, for her best recommendations for those first few months of bringing home baby(ies).  We hope that Lynda's suggestions will resonate with you - this is a list we wish we had before giving birth.

#1- Get some loose fitting clothes that arent PJs but are still comfortable.

People will want to visit you when you first have your baby and you will feel 100 times better receiving them in some loose fitting, easy yet cool clothes than your "only for your partner" college hoodie with the neck cut off. Cover up and blush also help to hide some of the sleep deprivation and give you a little colour which may make you feel better. 

#2- Dont make your house too quiet

People think you need to be able to hear a pin drop when the baby comes or is sleeping. This is a big NO NO. The baby needs to get used to some back ground noise. Have the radio on low downstairs, or the TV, go about your day normally. If you dont, the baby wont ever get used to noise or louder sounds and when they inevitably come they will freak! 

#3- Get groceries you can make with one hand

You probably arent going to be baking lasagnas and pot roasts for the first few months so dont even bother. Get foods you can easily prepare while holding your baby. Smoothies are great for that, soups, pre made salads you just throw into a bowl, roasted chickens already cooked.

#4- If you find yourself frustrated and unable to cope (there can be lots of reasons:  sleep-deprivation, post-partum depression, isolation, to name some), put baby into the stroller and take a walk to the park where you both will get some fresh air, meet others and get some adult conservation.

#5- You do NOT have to do Everything, Every Day. Prioritize and let things go that can be ignored. Babies need changing, feeding and so do you. You may need to throw in a load of laundry. Making beds, dusting, even vacuuming can take a back seat for now.

#6- A nursing baby looks up at its mother, making eye contact and thereby the eye focuses. Be sure and change sides each feed so that both eyes receive equal opportunity to work and focus. Especially important when nursing twins or more and this rule applies for both breast and bottle feeding.

#7- If you have had a c-section, men's boxer shorts are very handy to use as underwear as they are easy to slip on and off and will not be undue pressure on your incision.

#8- Babies learn speech by listening and watching our mouths move as we make sounds. Taking extra time while diapering, bathing and drying helps babies improve their speech abilities.

#9- Invest in really good soap and hand cream as you are about to wash your hands A LOT. So have beautiful and well made soap and cream that make you feel good and moisturize your dry hands

#10- Dont buy too much stuff! They dont need it all. Your home still needs to be your sanctuary- so dont fill your house with baby stuff. The less you need to tidy anyways the better. 

Learn more on Lynda Haddon's website at www.jumelle.ca

Shayna Haddon

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